Lenticular printing gives movement and depth to the images, which are no longer flat but acquire an added dimension in which a new image can be seen hidden behind the initial one.

This type of label offers great visual appeal and remarkable dynamism, very useful especially for certain products that need greater differentiation within their sector. 

Lenticular labels can be created in any shape or size, making them ideal for use as business cards, adhesive labeling, magazine covers, packaging or any printed item that can incorporate a 3D illusion.

How is the 3D effect achieved?

The effect of movement and depth is achieved by compositing two or more sequential images. The images are divided into “strips” and assembled by interlacing them. The resulting image is joined to a lenticular film with a corrugated surface that allows light to reflect in different directions. 


The parallel lenses of the plastic film are aligned with the interlaced image and thus several images can be viewed by changing the viewing angle. 

It is also possible to print the image on the same lenticular film, but on the back side where its surface is flat. 

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